5 Reasons You Should Make Time for Yourself

5 Reasons You Should Make Time for Yourself

It may seem like a luxury, but making time for you is not only necessary, but a priority

By: Alejandra C.

In our cultura hispana, we've been taught to first care for our family and everyone else, so then we end up with little time for ourselves, or we feel guilty for taking it, but when you take a break from caring for everyone to pamper yourself, you're giving yourself the opportunity to do things that make you happy and fulfill you emotionally. The end result is a better outlook on life, and better relationships with those around you both at home and at work. It's important that you dedicate time to reconnect to yourself and listen to that little voice we all have inside.

1. Start by putting yourself first on the list. The first thing to decide is how much time you'll take for yourself each day without feeling guilty. Evaluate the things on which you waste unnecessary time so you can better organize your day. Then decide what you'll do with this time and make yourself a promise to really use it the way you want to. Knowing the following benefits will no doubt convince you to follow through.

2. You'll have a more positive attitude. Taking a few minutes for yourself each day will help you rest your mind, breathe deeply, give you a sense of emotional wellbeing, and help you plan your next move. Also, when you feel more rested, you'll feel happier. If it's difficult for you to do this, the best thing to do is make space on your agenda, in other words, make an appointment with yourself – and keep it.

3. You'll make better decisions. The best decisions are those that are not made rashly. These little moments with yourself allow you to better analyze things. So do not hesitate to devote that time to calmly weighing options, particularly when you're frustrated with a situation, or when you feel tired, annoyed or more sensitive than usual. For example, on those days of the month before or during your period when you feel more emotional than usual and you run the risk of making hasty decisions, you should reconnect with your thoughts or do something that really fills you with satisfaction.

4. You'll learn to say 'no.' To agree to do everything that everyone asks of us is very common in nuestra cultura latina, especially when it comes to family, children, and friends. What better excuse to say "no" once in awhile than because you've made yourself a priority, even if it's only a little bit each day. Regular practice in saying "no" is one that will come in handy in life. The balance you create between the things you dedicate yourself to and the time you dedicate to yourself could be the key to happiness.

5. You'll want to do more things. Taking time to pamper yourself by doing things such as giving yourself a massage, putting on a face mask, reading a book someone recommended to you, or taking a walk with your dog, will fill you with energy and creativity to pursue new projects.

6. You'll learn to ask for help. It's so difficult for us to ask for help! That's why we sometimes don't have enough time. We want to do everything and do it perfectly. Now, if you commit yourself to devoting a few minutes a day to yourself, you'll see how much you appreciate a little help from your husband, the neighbor or your mother-in-law. Moreover, consider a deal with your best friend or your sister to help her take those little personal moments and in exchange you can help her enjoy those moments too. You will see that asking for help isn't that difficult after all.


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