5 Ways to Have the Laid-Back Summer You've Always Wanted

5 Ways to Have the Laid-Back Summer You've Always Wanted

Use these five tips to unwind for a laid-back summer you can truly enjoy.

By: Karen Walrond

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy — or at least that’s what they would have you believe. Despite the fact that summer has the reputation of being the most laid-back of seasons, the truth is that this isn’t always the case: Work demands rarely decrease during the warmer months, and add the fact that the kids are home from school, you have the makings of some frenetic few months.

Never fear, friends: A laid-back summer can be had; it just takes a little determination. Here are five ways that you can be sure to add a little shot of relaxation into your summer days.

1. Stretch Every Morning or Every Night
I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of exercise, but recently I started a daily ritual of doing 15 minutes of yoga every morning. It is amazing how transformative it has been: My body feels stretched and ready to tackle the day, and I begin my workday in a much calmer state of mind. The best part is that those 15 minutes are hardly disruptive, so I don’t feel like I’ve been overly worked.

2. Eat Outside More
There is something about eating outside that feels so much more peaceful than eating indoors. So once a week, plan to eat a meal outdoors. Grab your cup of coffee and Danish, sit on your front step and listen to the birds in the morning. Make a point of having a picnic or simply eat with your family dinner outside on the patio in the evenings. You’ll be surprised how restorative a good meal in the fresh air can be.


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3. Make a Point to Read Something on Paper
Create a habit of reading again — except forgo the laptop or tablet reader and go old-school with a paper magazine or a book. Giving your eyes a rest from the screen will further relax you, and there’s nothing like a little fiction to send your body the message that it’s down-time.

4. Create a Little Self-Care Ritual
Summer is the season we all bare a little more skin, so create a weekly self-care ritual. Book yourself frequent massages or weekly manicures or pedicures (or, even more frugally, do them at home yourself). Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel spaghetti-strap- and sandals-ready at a moment’s notice. Just the process of pampering yourself will make you feel more fabulously calm.

5. Plan an Electronics-Free Getaway
At some point during the summer months, make a plan of getting away — even if it’s just a daytrip to a beach or a park. But here’s the trick: Take nothing more than a cell phone for emergencies with you and turn it off unless you need it. Make it a completely unplugged holiday and connect face-to-face with those you love. You’ll be stunned at how rejuvenated you’ll feel without the electronic distractions.

Quick Tip: They say summer is when the living is easy, but this isn't always the case. Make sure to carve out time for yourself this season.

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