6 Easy Ways to Feel Young Today

6 Easy Ways to Feel Young Today

Mix up your day and decompress with tips that will have you feeling like a kid in no time.

1. Try a fresh way to stretch.

Author Anita Boser recommends gentle exercises called undulations to relieve stiffness brought on by lack of movement. “These exercises create a fluid exchange in the joints so tissues can get the nutrients they need to remain limber as we age,” Boser said. Try the Easy Sway:

  • Sitting in a firm chair (not a sofa), lean to the right so that the left side opens in an arc and the right side curves in.

  • Then lean to the left so the right side opens up.

  • Sway from side to side for a minute and notice what parts of your spine can do this movement easily and what parts of your spine are stiff.

  • Stop and then start again, but let one of the stiff places initiate the movement. It will be different; perhaps smaller, uncoordinated or less smooth. That's OK. Just don't do anything that hurts. Let the stiff place lead for a minute.

  • Stop and start once again a few times. Just a few minutes of gentle movement will lubricate and nourish the joints in your spine, getting them healthier. 

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2. Take a veggie break.

“We’re undergoing a quiet revolution in our understanding of aging,” says author Sally Brown. Aging, once thought to be inevitable, is now considered to be a buildup of faults in the body caused by damage from unstable molecules called free radicals. When the body’s repair systems weaken, free-radical damage accumulates, leading to disease, reduction in skin elasticity, muscle and bone wastage and slower mental reactions. “Slowing aging down, right now, may be as easy as simply eating more vegetables,” said Brown. “They contain antioxidants, which bind with free radicals and make them harmless.” Do something for yourself. Take a veggie break and reap the rewards. Being proactive will help you feel refreshed and younger today. 

3. Play some new music and dance.

When was the last time you kicked up your heels and spun around the room? Try turning the radio on to a random station or putting on something new on your music player. Then feel the rhythm and get stepping. Or try a dance video from the library and learn some new steps.

4. Lift some weights.

Don’t wait to join the gym. Grab those weights that are under your bed gathering dust — or soup cans will suffice. Now try a few arm curls, lunges and lifts. Please check with your doctor before beginning any strenuous physical fitness routine.

5. Get centered.

Slowing down to take stock of your life can help you get focused and feel younger. Choose today to take a break from your responsibilities, maybe just for an hour. Reflect on your personal goals. What are you doing to accomplish them? Do you like your work? Any relationships you’d like to improve? Come up with one action item that you can accomplish today and do it. You’ll feel your youthful vigor revive as you spend time on yourself.

6. Put it in perspective.

Spend time with someone older, doing errands or simply visiting. Call up a family member or friend and see if today would be a good day to stop in. While there, take a moment to appreciate your mobility and your stage of life. 

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