6 Ways Moms Can Dump Some Stress and Worry Less

6 Ways Moms Can Dump Some Stress and Worry Less

For overwhelmed moms, these effective tension-releasing tips can be life changing.

By Lorraine Allen

It's well documented that moms are not just warriors, but are they’re also often the resident worriers in families – and I certainly fall into that group. From concerns about whether or not my kid will make it to school on time, to how well she'll eat her lunch (if at all), whether or not she'll remember to wash her hands before eating so she won't get sick (again!), worry is pretty much a constant for me. But I recently got some sound, expert advice on how to ditch most of that unwanted, unhelpful stress. Here are some of those tips:

  1. Save all worrying for a certain time of day, and if it creeps up at other times, push it aside.
  2. Remember that stressing out is not helpful or productive, in any way. It’s wasted energy, because it won’t solve any problems. Aim to use your time instead more productively by looking on the positive side, finding solutions or making plans to move forward.
  3. Take a walk or jog. When you get back, you'll feel so much better.

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  1. Write your worries down, and cross off any that you feel are not really legit (in my case, most of them, when I see them on paper.)
  2. Meditate, even if just for a few minutes a week. Yes, there are apps for that, and they're cheap (or free) and effective. Best of all, you can listen to them anywhere, anytime you are anxious or have a few free minutes between other things.
  3. Breathe. You’ve likely heard this before, but breathing in slowly, for the count of five, through your nose, holding the air in your belly for a moment (like a baby), and then exhaling slowly can help settle your nerves. Think of it as literally blowing off steam. Next time you’re stuck in traffic, in a carpool lane, or dealing with a difficult situation, take 30 seconds to do this three times, and you will feel less stressed, guaranteed!

How do you relieve parental stress and anxiety?

Lorraine is a parenting, health and food writer, and shares her family’s allergy-friendly recipes at MixPlayEat.com.
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