6 Ways to Protect Your Back

6 Ways to Protect Your Back

Learn how to prevent backaches and brush up up on your basic first-aid knowledge.

Nearly everyone experiences back pain at some time during her life, whether it’s from a sudden movement, a past car accident or simply overuse. Not only can back pains be excruciatingly painful, they can be debilitating.

Here’s a list of some things you can start doing — after you consult your physician, of course — to keep your back limber and hopefully avoid more serious back pains in the future.

Get Moving
Swimming, walking and cycling are great ways to strengthen back muscles and prevent injury.

Practice Good Posture
Avoid slumping in your chair and do not hunch over your desk at work. Choose a chair with good lower back support, armrests and a swivel base. And if you have the time — and courage! — you can even get a workout in at work, too.

Lighten Your Load
Big bags are trendy, but unfortunately, slinging a heavy handbag over one shoulder can place strain on your back. Use a backpack instead, so the weight is distributed equally.


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Mind Your Mattress
Choose a mattress suited to your height and weight.

Maintain a Healthy Diet
Starting and abiding by a healthy diet actually helps ease the pressure on your back for the simple reason that it puts less stress on the muscles. That doesn’t mean you have to go into full workout mode, just making small changes to your diet can help you shed pounds. You can even start by just getting more water! Not only will your back feel better, your body will reap benefits, too.

Give Your Heels a Break
There’s no doubt about it: Wearing high heels is stylish, gives you a bit of height and helps elongate your legs. But high heels also force your body weight forward, causing the muscles in your back to work overtime to counteract the shift. A pair of trendy, comfy flats can be dressed up and down just as easily.

A Hip Way to Sway
Fitting exercise into your daily routine has become much easier. Remember the hula-hoop? This basic, no-frills childhood toy is making a comeback. Not only is it portable, fun and cheap, you can even get into it with your children, too. And best of all, it’s a great full-body workout as it engages your core muscles, butt and hips!

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