7 Foolproof Mood Boosters to Try Today

7 Foolproof Mood Boosters to Try Today

Get up and get happy with these 7 tips that’ll help you feel better in an instant.

By: Debra Steilen

Longing for an instant mood makeover? It’s easy to lift your spirits with these blissfully simple ideas.

1. Pamper Yourself
Pick a way to pamper yourself as soon as you wake up in the morning. Then make sure you schedule time to do it. From taking a long, hot shower to painting your nails, the thought of spoiling yourself — even just a little — will keep your mood lifted throughout the day.


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2. Be Kind
Commit random acts of kindness when your good mood starts to slip. Buy a latte for someone at work, hold the door open for a young mom pushing a stroller or take cookies to a neighbor. You’ll feel better when you’re done. And you’ll feel better later on when you think about how you helped others.

3. Stimulate Your Senses
Take a whiff of lavender oil, listen to some upbeat tunes or savor a bite of dark chocolate — whatever your senses fancy. You can also go to the local floral shop and purchase a bouquet of fresh flowers. Whether you choose roses, lilies or hyacinth, the sight and scent of those blooms will instantly change your mood from jaded to joyful. Scatter these short moments of sensory pleasure throughout the day to keep your outlook in a happy place.

4. Revisit Old Photos
Leaf through those scrapbooks you made for the kids. Scroll through vacation photos stored on your phone. Your spirits will rise as you rekindle happy memories. Want that feeling to last? Post a favorite image in an area you frequent every day, such as the wall above your washing machine. You’ll find yourself smiling unexpectedly while you’re doing the laundry.

5. Work up a Sweat
Whether it’s riding your bike, jumping rope or taking a class at your gym, just 30 minutes of cardio can generate endorphins that brighten your day. Don’t feel like working that hard? Even mild exercise (e.g. digging in your garden) can trigger positive emotions.

Clear out Clutter
Have a room that needs a little organization attention? Start clearing out the clutter. But don’t take the time to deep clean, at least not now. Instead, tackle a single problem spot in a room where you spend a lot of time. It can be as simple as clearing off your desk, emptying the dishwasher or making your bed. Contemplating that little oasis of calm can do wonders for your attitude.

7. Get Outdoors
Take a hike, walk by the lake or simply gaze at the stars. (In other words, leave the house!) Changing the scenery provides a sense of perspective that clears your head. Nature is so beautifully distracting that once you immerse yourself in it, you’ll find it becomes harder to fixate on negative thoughts. Best of all? You can do it on your own or you can recruit a friend for double the mood-boosting power.

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Debra is a Midwest-based expert on crafting, home design (especially kitchens, baths and storage), and holidays. She spends her free time renovating and decorating her 1909 Craftsman home — and wrangling her two Golden Retrievers.

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