7 Happiness Tips from a Happiness Expert

7 Happiness Tips from a Happiness Expert

Discover simple and effective ways to find your happiness each and every day.

Becoming a truly happy person is easy. It just takes a little bit of conscious effort. Lisa Cypers Kamen, an internationally recognized positive psychology life coach, is an expert at building the foundations of happiness. Here are a few of her tips on keeping a bright and sunny outlook.

1. Breathe
It’s true that what happens in a day can get in the way of the pleasure we seek. When you experience annoying or stressful moments, stop for a minute and take a deep breath. This will release hormones in your body that allow you to calm down, feel more relaxed and less stressed.

2. Maintain a Sense of Adventure
Don’t become a hermit — get out and be with people! Try something new every day, even if that means just talking to a new person or taking a new way home from work. Do something you’re not used to doing so you can keep an adventurous attitude.

3. Be Playful
Do things that inspire your playfulness. Try listening to music. It’s a great source of happiness and healing. Add an element of play by singing along. Even if you don't think you can sing, or if you don’t know all the words, the process of using your voice will release happiness chemicals in your brain.


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4. Go Outside
Take a walk. It’ll help release endorphins in your body that make you feel good. Make the outdoors a priority. Getting out in the sunshine, or simply moving will help you feel better in an instant.

5. Drink Orange Juice
Drinking orange juice with vitamin C can make you feel happy. Science has provided evidence for this and there have been studies done indicating people associate orange juice with feeling carefree and rejuvenated. So sip it up!

6. Live a Life of Gratitude
Living life in a perpetual state of gratitude is a fantastic way to celebrate happiness. Keep track of your grateful moments by writing them in a journal. On days that just don’t seem to be going your way, revisit your “grateful journal” and keep adding to the list. Writing these down will help you focus and reshift your negative energy into the positive.

7. Stay in Routine
Keeping a routine serves our mind, bodies and emotions. Routines and rituals are positive ways to maintain happiness — like drinking orange juice every morning. Find your own way of starting your days off on the right foot, so you can have a happy everyday.

What makes you happy? Share your own tips in the comments below!

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Carole H

Carole H


I practice most of these tips regularly! Another one I enjoy is lighting a scented candle with feel-good fragrances; whatever you pleases your senses. If you can't get out to be with people in person (as with bad weather), a phone call is almost as good. Reach out to someone who needs a lift, and you'll be lifted up too. Lastly, volunteer! In giving of your time and talent to benefit others, you will reap great rewards.

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