All You Need to Know About Sleep

All You Need to Know About Sleep

Sleeping well is essential to physically and mentally recover from your day — find out why!

We’ve all been told a lot of different things when it comes to sleep. Whether it’s about creating the perfect bedroom environment or finding new ways to unwind, we can all agree on some notions that have stood the test of time:

  • Sleep at least seven hours per day
  • Avoid laying down for bed if you’re stressed about something
  • Relax prior to laying down — watching TV or going on the computer prior to sleeping can cause you to feel more awake
  • Read a book or simply talk to wind down before bed

Abiding by those rules might take a backseat to other things in your busy life, but giving yourself the right tools for a good night’s rest can mean more than you think.

A Calmer, Nicer Tomorrow
Sleeping less than recommended leaves you more irritable and intolerant when facing stressful situations. If you find yourself crabby in the mornings, it most likely wasn’t just waking up “on the wrong side of the bed.” You might be missing a few precious hours of sleep.


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Keep Your Skills Sharp
If you don’t get enough sleep, you might have more difficulties performing some tasks because you are more tired and have poorer motor coordination. Plus, you might have more difficulty in concentrating, which will be reflected in the quality of your work. Big meeting or presentation the next day? Make sure you get your rest so you can think on your toes, take charge and be your best!

Curb Your Appetite
With fewer hours of sleep, you might find yourself more hungry than you normally are. Your levels of ghrelin (the hormone that controls appetite) rise and “force” you to choose foods with more calories.

While you might have a seemingly endless to-do list, getting enough sleep should always be on top of your priorities. Not only will you function better tomorrow, you’ll have the energy to fly through your day!

Do you have any secrets for a perfect night’s sleep? Let us know in the comment section below.

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