Boost Your Mood and Achieve Your Goals

Boost Your Mood and Achieve Your Goals

Achieve your goals with these ideas and go from “doing OK” to “doing great.”

Although you know how to get your kids to cheer up — a scoop of their favorite ice cream, a big hug or a favorite movie — have you ever thought you might need to take a step back and do it for yourself? Sure, ice cream is always a welcome break in the day, but what if you could heighten the baseline of your mood for good?

As a mom — and as an adult — you’re probably up to your eyeballs in responsibilities. That’s not a bad thing, though! Responsibility actually gives you freedom and power. Before you can change anything, you must take responsibility for it. Responsibility gives you the ability to respond to a situation if you’re not pleased with it.

A good starting point is to take note of the things that annoy you and step back to see if those qualities are within you. Accepting those attributes in yourself will help you avoid irritation when you encounter them in others. In a tense working situation, where self-control and keeping your focus on the bigger picture is essential, just remember that cooler heads always prevail.

Remember the old phrase “treat others as you want to be treated”? It holds true. If you want your partner or colleagues to be more supportive, be more supportive toward them. If you want to make more friends, be friendlier to others. Know yourself — and once you do, be true to yourself.

Finding a True Purpose
A core source of tapping into your greatness is doing the things you love. This isn’t always easy, especially if your day or job is rigidly structured. But know this: There’s always something on which you can focus your passion. For example, if you’re wanting to bring out the events planner inside you, offer to do more of the planning duties and make them showpieces of your innate passion for this area — but you have to take the initiative. As they say, the answer is always “no” if you don’t ask.


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The greatest obstacle holding people back from realizing their purpose is fear — and the only way to break through that barrier is to take action and just do it!

Getting Started
The first step is breaking down your goals into multistep processes. That way, you’ll always have an attainable “next step” to reach instead of staring at a sentence or word that may seem unattainable. Create a vision board of images and words that represent them and the end results you want to see.

You have to be what you want to be. If you can’t see yourself as a particular person or in a particular situation, you can never really own it. You can only own something you have. While identifying what you want is important to realizing your goals, pay attention to the reason you want it. Take note of the kinds of things that get you going — the things on which you spend time and that really mean something to you.

Most importantly, just know you’re going to have to work for it — don’t think it’s going to hit you on the head! But once you start down the road of achieving your goals, you can really take stock in your everyday and see for yourself how far you’ve come.

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