Easy Ways to Stay Active (and Include Mom!)

Easy Ways to Stay Active (and Include Mom!)

Find easy ways to get your mom moving right along with you and your family.

You’ve got a lot on your plate already: work, kids, house, book club ... It’s probably hard enough to fit in your own workout, much less worry about how to help your parents stay active in their elder years. But it’s easier than you’d think – and the rewards far outweigh any time commitment.

What does it look like to stay active with your mom? Chances are you and your mom won’t be running a half marathon together anytime soon, but we all know that there’s power in doing things together. And being active doesn’t have to mean that you’re both training for a race or an athletic feat. In fact, you’ll reap many of the benefits of exercise just by building more simple movement into your daily life.

So why add mom to the mix? Just remember all of those times your mom cheered on the sidelines of your soccer games, or taught you how to do the Charleston for that talent show dance number. Whatever help she gave you along the way, here’s your chance to show her a little bit of love by helping her stay active – and with her family, nonetheless.

Here are some easy ways to pull mom into the movement mix and enjoy each other along the way.

Get down in the garden. Many of us expend some serious energy when we don’t even realize it. Take the garden for example: One minute you’re casually weeding, the next thing you know you’re sweating and chasing down the baby who has wandered over to pull on the tulips. Bending, squatting and lifting (mulch, tools, etc.) in the garden is one non-traditional way to keep the body moving without even really trying.


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When in doubt, walk it out. The fresh air combined with some heart-pumping activity is a great way to exercise. If you know you’ve both had rather inactive weeks (like being tied to the couch or desk chair), the easiest way to move the body is to step it up outside. Take the kids and the dog to the park, walk a trail and enjoy some fresh air. Or, if outdoor walking isn’t doable, try the local mall.

Make it more fun to grocery shop by taking her to the farmers market. All of the stimulation will invigorate your senses, and you’ll get in some quality mom bonding time.

Pilates class (or at home). When the weather won’t cooperate with an outdoor activity, try a Pilates or yoga class that’s open to all fitness levels.

What’s your favorite way to log some movement time with mom?

*Make sure you (and your mom) consult a doctor before starting any exercise routine.

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