Healthy Computer Habits

Healthy Computer Habits

Use these tips to prevent surfing the web and checking emails from becoming unhealthy.

The good news is that there is no evidence that we — or our families — are doing ourselves any harm, as long as we take sensible steps.

  • Sitting properly with a 90-degree elbow angle and plenty of back support is one key step we can take to help protect our muscles and joints from strain.

  • It’s also important to stay around 24-inches from the screen so that our eyes don’t have to struggle to focus.

  • Take breaks every now and then so you can stretch your legs and rest your eyes.

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  • Don’t forget to blink! Dry eyes are a major cause of eyestrain.

Super Savvy Tip

When sitting at a computer your eyes should be level with the top of the screen. When you sit up, if your eyes can see over the top of your computer, it’s too low and will make you slouch or strain your neck. Use something solid like a few books underneath to raise it up to the right level for you. Bear in mind that if more than one person uses the computer, you should always check that the height has been adjusted to suit you before you start to work.

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