Healthy Ideas to Boost Your Energy Today

Healthy Ideas to Boost Your Energy Today

Don’t succumb to caffeine and sugar for a quick fix, try a natural energy boost.

For a natural energy boost, turn to Mother Nature.

Whether in mint form or as an essential oil, peppermint stimulates the nervous system, heightens alertness and improves concentration. Try tossing a few fresh leaves into your cup of tea or adding several drops of essential oil into a hot bath.

Another good tactic is to sneak in a midafternoon power nap. Although siestas are taboo at most workplaces, a few companies have seen the light. A 10- to 20-minute nap during the workday can actually increase productivity with improved focus and alertness for three hours following the nap. Studies have shown that naps aid memory retention and information organization.

To even out your energy highs and lows, embrace eating between meals. Snacking is good, provided the foods are healthy and replace a portion of the calories in regular meals (rather than add to them). Many of us skimp at regular meals and then compensate with high-fat or high-sugar snacks because we're famished, which only makes us more sluggish.

For a healthy snack, eat a slice of whole-wheat toast topped with peanut butter. To satisfy your sweet tooth, a peach or handful of raisins can ward off mid-morning and mid-afternoon energy lulls. Try to keep snacks at less than 250 calories. 


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Wash down your peanut butter with a tall glass of water to help avoid the mildly dehydrated state in which most people live. The brain is more than 75 percent water, and when it senses that water's in short supply, it will ration what's left. Fatigue and headaches are the results. Keep a tall, spill-proof mug or bottle of water with you throughout the day to get the recommended 64 ounces (almost 2 liters) of water you need. Unless you've been exercising for more than an hour, water is better than sports drinks for hydration.

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