How Much Water Should I Drink?

How Much Water Should I Drink?

Are you drinking enough water? The answer is probably yes.

We hear all the time how important it is to drink water for your overall health and wellness – which is true. Water is important.

We also hear that you need to drink eight glasses a day – which is not true. Most of the water your body needs you’ll get through eating a well-rounded diet.

Plus, everyone’s different. The amount of water you need each day won’t be exactly the same as someone else.

However, there are some universal considerations to keep in mind, which may leave your body wanting a little more hydration:

1. The Environment
If you live in a particularly hot, humid or cold environment, your daily water intake may need to increase. Additionally, if you live at a higher altitude, your ounces should be upped.


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2. Your Activity Level
When you exercise, you sweat, which means your body is losing both water and electrolytes. Make sure you drink enough water to replenish what you lost.

3. Illnesses or Other Health Conditions
If you’re sick, your body tends to need more fluids to help heal – particularly if you are vomiting, experiencing diarrhea or have a fever. Staying hydrated can help you feel better faster.

It’s pretty easy to lose track of how much water you’ve been drinking throughout the day. The biggest thing to remember is: if you’re thirsty, drink.

However, here are some other ideas to help you avoid feeling that thirst in the first place – or to keep you from reaching for that sugary soda:

  • Add some flavor: Naturally infusing flavor into your water can get you to drink more. Fruits and vegetables like lemon, lime, cucumbers and grapefruit make for a refreshing addition to a tall glass of water.
  • Drink water before each meal: Drink two cups of water (16 ounces) before each meal. This can also help with portion control so you don’t overeat at meals.
  • Use technology: There are a number of apps you can download for your smartphone that help you track your water consumption. Or just set an alarm on your phone that goes off every few hours.

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