How to get a Good Night’s Sleep

How to get a Good Night’s Sleep

Check out some tips to get your internal clock set for the best night’s sleep you can get.

During the Day:

  • Set Your Circadian Rhythm

    Set your sleeping routine by leaving your blinds partly open and use the morning sunlight to wake up naturally.

  • Cat Nap

    Ideally, you should stay awake during the day to sleep soundly through the night. If the sandman insists you nap, make it a short, 20- to 30-minute rest to get rejuvenated.

Your Sleep Environment


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  • Consider a New Mattress

    You spend one-third of your life asleep, so why not be as comfortable as possible while you're snoozing? Complete your comfy bed with quality bedding and pillows in calming colors for total relaxation.

  • Your Bed Is Not Your Desk

    Keep work-related activities out of the bedroom. Your bed should be for rest only, not a place to catch up on the day’s work. Too much stimulus could inhibit your sleep and disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Tune Out and Cool Down

Before you hit the hay, turn your clock away from your bed so that you're not tempted to watch the hours pass. Your bedroom also should be cool — no more than 70 degrees — to aid in the total relaxation process.

When you take the time and work on a consistent sleeping routine, you'll likely find yourself with more energy, creativity and motivation during the day. 

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I have a bad habit of looking at the clock, I,m going to turn it around.I like to sleep in a cool room.

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