Make Time for a Little Rejuvenation This Spring

Make Time for a Little Rejuvenation This Spring

Spring has sprung outside, sure. But it’s time for some inner rejuvenation as well.

Find more ways to get that refreshed spring feeling

A lot comes with spring as the seasons change. There’s spring cleaning. There’s buying new clothes for the little ones (since they probably don’t fit in last year’s shorts). There are weeds to pull and flannel sheets to put away.

But there’s also an emotional element for moms and dads. You want to feel renewed. You want to open up the doors and windows and breathe in fresh air. Spring can be a time where your renewal mirrors the rejuvenation happening outside the home.

How can you make time? Here are some ideas worth trying – don’t worry, they shouldn’t take too long – to celebrate that spring is finally here.

Remember that New Year’s resolution you stopped two months ago? How about a reset and a restart? This time you really mean it. (Although if you falter again, don’t worry; you’re still lapping everyone on the couch.)

Could be big or small – furniture or picture frames – but pick one or two things in the house and make them new again with some updated décor. Now is as good a time as any to sit down and do that project you’ve always wanted to do (or just talked about doing).

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New fruits and veggies are in season. When’s the last time you had asparagus? This recipe only takes a few minutes to make – then about 20 to chill – and is a great side dish.

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A big part of spring cleaning isn’t the scrubbing, but the storing. You’re not going to solve the clutter problem forever – it’ll probably be a few more years until that happens – but there are some things you can do now to get a little more organized.

Or ignore all the advice above and just relax. Put off chores. Put off cooking. Ordering out one more meal isn’t going to kill you. And just enjoy the nicer weather and the sunshine.

How do you use spring to reset? Let us know in the comments below.

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Thanks Susan! How do you use spring to reset?

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What a great idea Re-Reciept!

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