Motherhood Without Losing Yourself

Motherhood Without Losing Yourself

Tips to take care of yourself as a mom.

By: Sujeiry Gonzalez

We've all seen the effects of motherhood. Dark circles from sleepless nights. An exasperated expression on your face because you need time to yourself, but don’t know how to get it. And who can forget weight gain? You just had a baby, and it’s challenging to hit the gym when readying older kids for school, working full time or tending to your home.

So is it possible to be a mother and not lose yourself? Of course! Here are five tips on how to do just that.

Ask for Help
You may not want to admit you’re overwhelmed, but it’s essential to ask for help, if only to have more time to breathe. It takes a village to raise a child, so why do it alone? Leave your pride at the door. Release your guilt. Allow someone to help you so you can make time for you.

Make Time for Girl Time
There’s nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than a night out with the girls. You reminisce about your party days, receive the emotional support and get an ear to listen that is so needed.

Schedule a Date Night
Get a babysitter and schedule a regular date night once or twice a month where you and your honey can kiss and flirt like teenagers. It will spice up your relationship and deepen your partnership.


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Something’s got to give so you can make time for you. Maybe that’s one less family vacation – family vacations are fun but the planning is stressful – or placing your kids in summer camp.

Look at your family schedule. Where can you take some “me” moments? Where is there wiggle room? Prioritize yourself into that schedule so you don’t forget about you. Everybody needs to be taken care of, even mom.

Do That One Thing You Loved to Do
Being a mother doesn’t mean becoming someone else. On the contrary, you should be who you are, always, so your kids enjoy all of you!

Go back to basics. Was there anything you loved to do that stopped once you had children? This can be singing, writing, even bowling – whatever it is, tap into it again! Share this with your family so they learn more about their mom. It’ll be worth it when they realize how awesome you are and that you have interests just like everyone else. You’ll be happier because you’ve reconnected with who you are, instead of losing yourself.

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