The Benefits of Milk and How to Make It Fun For Your Family

The Benefits of Milk and How to Make It Fun For Your Family

Take advantage of all that milk can do for you and your family with these tips.

By: Merissa Alink

Milk does more than we think. This household staple is one of the most versatile ingredients we could have in our refrigerators — but it’s also packed with nutrients that do more than keep our bones healthy.

The calcium in milk does in fact help us not only build strong bones but also strong, healthy teeth. The protein in milk can give us an extra boost of energy and help with feeling fuller longer. The potassium in milk aids in maintaining a steady blood pressure. The vitamin A promotes a strong immune system. The vitamin D and phosphorus also help with bone strength. The vitamin B12 helps create red blood cells. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The USDA says that the average American should try and consume at least three dairy servings per day. (One serving of dairy is one cup of milk or one and a half ounces of cheese.) You can do it! Here are some fun and easy ways to get dairy into your daily diet.

Make Milk Shakes
Skip the ice cream, and simply add milk (or yogurt) and frozen fruit to your blender. Depending on the kind of fruit, you may or may not need a sweetener. But if you are using a tart fruit like blueberries, you may want to add a tablespoon of honey per recipe.

Thicken Soup
If you are creating a nice warm soup for dinner, you might want to consider adding milk to it. Milk added into a chicken-broth based soup will make it so smooth and creamy!


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Whip Up Some Hot Chocolate
Make this hot chocolate for a treat, and your kids won’t even suspect they are getting a serving of dairy. Simply warm 8 oz. (per serving) of milk on the stove until just heated. Add in a few spoonfuls of milk chocolate chips, and stir until melted. Serve warm or cold!

Dunk It
Dip your favorite snacks into your milk to soak it up! When I was little, we used to love dipping graham crackers into a cold glass of milk. You could dip other kinds of cookies or crackers, or even breads, too.

Try New Puddings
Making rice pudding or other flavors is an excellent way to use several cups of milk at one time. Try new recipes instead of making it from a box so you can control the sugar amounts. You can serve it as a side dish or add fruit and make it a dessert.

Make Ice Cream
Most homemade ice cream recipes call for several cups of milk, so this is a great fun way to get in your milk serving. Have your kids help you make the ice cream, and pick out fun flavors to try.

As you can see, there are so many fun ways to include milk into your diet and get all those great benefits that come along with it! Many of these recipes are also great ways to get your kids involved in the kitchen.

Which recipe will you try first?

Merissa grew up living a frugal lifestyle but didn’t know what it truly meant until she was married and had a household of her own. She knows that anyone can make the most with what they have, no matter their income level or situation and blogs daily at about her journey in life and all her current projects.

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