The Hidden Health Benefits of Humor

The Hidden Health Benefits of Humor

Use “the best medicine” to cure the blues and get wholly healthier with a dose of humor.

Incorporating humor into your daily life does more than just put a smile on your face, it can significantly improve your mental, emotional and physical health. Find out how to create a healthy lifestyle with humor by following these tips:

Give your brain the giggles.

Your brain is a delicate organ, and it's rarely ever "turned off." The closest you can come to giving your brain a break while you're awake is to give it a full dose of humor. Laughter actually produces the pleasure-inducing hormones cortisol and adrenaline, and also releases endorphins, which your mind uses to ward off negative emotions. These pleasing chemicals revive your brain, stimulating it to better handle new thoughts and ideas. And having a good sense of humor connects you with others, especially when you share a deep laugh with a group. Finally, processing humor gives you a natural burst of energy, which is great for reviving your mind at any time.

Free your emotions through humor.

Regularly laughing at yourself, at funny situations and at humorous entertainment can change your perspective, making you more laid-back and less overwhelmed by stress. Laughter can act as a form of relief, releasing anger, frustration, anxiety and even grief in a safe and cleansing way. If it's not an appropriate time to burst into peals of laughter, even a smile will raise your spirits and remind your overextended, overstressed mind of the positive things in your life.

Turn your "ha-ha" moments into a workout.

Laughter not only betters your mind and your emotions, but it helps your physical health, too. Laughing works your diaphragm, lowers your blood pressure, boosts your immune system and may help protect you from heart disease. Need a little help getting your guffaws started? Check out laughter yoga, a form of yoga that incorporates chuckles and chortles into a workout. You get the added benefit of processing your laughter with a crowd, making it easier to let go and truly enjoy your mirth. Plus, your body doesn't know the difference between false laughter and the real deal, so, if you have to, start faking it, and soon you'll be giggling your way to a healthier, less stressful life.


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