The Real Reasons Moms Need to Exercise

The Real Reasons Moms Need to Exercise

Fitness experts explain amazing hidden benefits of exercise you don’t want to miss out on.

By: Lorraine Allen

Moms have it harder than anyone else to find time to work out because most of us are, for whatever reason, the default parent who takes care of every tiny little detail involved in raising our kids, caring for our families, and keeping a home. When in the world is there any time for us to stop and breathe, or sleep, let alone find the hours and energy to exercise consistently? Almost never, it seems. And yet, many brave and strong moms out there make it a point, no matter what, to squeeze in their workout – to get away and just do it. And they are far better off for it, on many levels, according to fitness experts. Here are the many important reasons why moms, of all people, need to exercise:

More than anything, moms need to remember to take breaks from being a parent and care for themselves regularly, too. And for moms, working out is “a perfect way to escape your everyday worries and take that necessary ‘me time,’” says Erin Solnick, certified CrossFit and boot camp instructor in Massapequa, New York. “As mothers, we tend to lose ourselves a little as we focus on our homes, families, and careers,” she says. But if we take the time to exercise, she says, we might find it to be a transporting experience. Exercising with other women, specifically, Solnick notes, “is a true bonding experience, confidence booster, and experience of camaraderie” that lifts spirits, inspires, and builds emotional as well as physical strength. “It’s amazing to see women cheering each other on,” Solnick says.

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Emily Perry, a yoga instructor in Santa Cruz, California, says exercise “helps our bodies and minds heal, and allows us to nurture ourselves.” That includes gentle or restorative yoga, which anyone can enjoy, including pregnant or postpartum moms, once cleared by their doctors. Perry also points out that regular practice “helps us with change, transformation, and transition” by allowing us to reconnect with ourselves, breathe, and focus on our bodies in the present. When life gets stressful, taking time out to strengthen your body can “help calm the nervous system and nourish the body and mind,” she says. And any mom can seriously benefit from that!

Caring for our kids, our spouses, our homes, and even our friends feels like a no-brainer, for most moms. Of course, those are all TOP priorities for us. But stop and think for a moment how much happier, healthier, stronger, and even calmer we would be, and how much more fun we could enjoy with our families and life in general if we also made it a point to prioritize ourselves. By exercising regularly, moms can find inner peace, live in the moment, and gain confidence and strength while forming amazing new bonds with others who are doing the same. So what are we waiting for, really?


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Do you take time to exercise and enjoy all these benefits of it?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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