Treat Yourself Like a Guest in Your Home

Treat Yourself Like a Guest in Your Home

Learn some easy tricks to make staying home feel like a well-deserved reward.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to treat yourself, and you don't have to find time to schedule a spa visit. The easiest place to start is right at home. Try this:


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Make yourself comfortable. Plump up your bed with another pillow or two (In fact, why not treat yourself to new ones?) and place a throw or lap blanket on the arm of your favorite chair.

Stock up on reading material. Now is the time to stack up all those books or magazines you've been meaning to read. Put them next to your bed or your favorite chair to encourage yourself to flip through a few pages.

Treat yourself to a few luxuries. Placing a bowl of bath beads, balms, bubbles and salts next to the tub will tempt you into taking a soak. Filling a bowl with individually wrapped chocolates or candies and putting it on a table in the foyer as a "welcome home" or in the living room as an after-dinner thought is another way to indulge yourself.

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