Women Share Their Worst Gym Experiences Ever

Women Share Their Worst Gym Experiences Ever

Real women share their worst gym experiences. Suddenly, sweating doesn’t sound so bad.

By: Maria Mora

The gym is a wonderful place to blow off some steam and burn calories, but it can also be the perfect storm for embarrassment and awkwardness. We asked real women to share their worst gym experiences. After reading these cringe-worthy stories, you won’t feel so bad about how sweaty you get on the treadmill.

The dumbbell mishap. Denise from Florida is normally a runner, but she tried a rolling dumbbell exercise to try to work on her abdominal strength. “The dumbbell rolled out from under me and I smacked my forehead on the floor,” she says. “Not exactly the core work or strength training I was hoping for!”

Everything about the treadmill. Several women shared horrible treadmill experiences. “I was trying to do a fancy side-jog thing on the treadmill like I'd seen other people do,” says Jana from Georgia. “You know what happens next.” She went flying off the back of the treadmill. Kim from California had her pants fall down while running on the treadmill. Mary from Connecticut worked out on the treadmill only to discover later that her pants were somewhat see-through.

The weight miscalculation. Mary from California decided to bench-press some free weights. She ended up pinned and was too embarrassed to call for help. “I had to flatten myself to squeeze out from under it. Took a good 20 minutes,” she says. “Nearly crushed my throat.”

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The legit injury. Rose from California was a major gym rat. She worked out five days a week, sometimes twice a day. During one of her favorite classes, she felt a twinge in her leg but ignored it. Then, she suddenly felt like something had slammed into her leg. In incredible pain, she called a friend to drive her home. “The next day I went to the doctor and found I'd torn the connective tissue between the two muscles in my calf,” she says. Don’t ignore what your body tries to tell you!

The worst day ever. Christine from California hired a trainer who pushed her hard. She started to have an asthma attack and ran out to her car to get her inhaler. “As I exited the gym I immediately saw that my car's window was broken,” she says. “I began having an anxiety attack, on top of my asthma attack. My purse had been stolen. I haven't been back since.”


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The nosebleed. Rebecca from Florida was tasked with holding a plank pose for five minutes during a boot camp class. “I passed out, fell flat on the floor, got a nosebleed and had paramedics called on me. And I was one of only two girls in the class, so of course I had to hear about it from the guys.” On the plus side, one of the paramedics who tended to her ended up asking her out.

What was your worst gym experience?

Maria Mora is a single mom, editor, and hockey fanatic. She lives with her two sons in Florida.

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