Benefits of Water: How to Incorporate More Water into Your Diet

Learn why water is so important and how to incorporate more of it into your diet.

By: Summer Saldana

In case you haven’t heard, drinking enough water is kind of a big deal. There are so many reasons and benefits to drinking water that skipping out on this so-called foundation of life just doesn’t make sense.

So, not only are we here to help you understand why water is so important, we also want to give you practical and yummy ideas to make it easier to incorporate into your daily diet.

Weight Loss/Appetite Control
Here’s a headline worth paying attention to: Water is an “appetite suppressor.” The next time you feel a tad hungry, try drinking a big glass of water and feel that hunger melt away.

Also, water helps to keep you “regular,” feel less bloated (fluid retention) and keeps you hydrated. The combo of these three could only mean a leaner and healthier body for you.

Keep Headaches at Bay and Stay Pain Free
Oftentimes, headaches are simply a symptom of dehydration. Taking in the appropriate amount of water may be the easy natural fix to the headaches in your life — the literal ones at least!

Water helps to lubricate the joints, which helps you to feel less pain. The more water you drink, the easier and less painful it may be to move!

While it may seem like a cure-all, water truly is something that we need in no small quantities. By the time you “feel” thirsty, you are probably already at least a little dehydrated.

Adding Water to Your Diet
Start your morning with a warm cup of water with half a lemon squeezed into it. Not only does this begin your day with water, but the lemon juice aids in digestion, clearer skin and alkalizes (reduces the amount of acid within) the body as well.

Find a cute water bottle to keep with you at all times — and always keep it full of water. It’s so much easier to keep hydrated when the water is with you at all times, and, with a stylish bottle, you’ll want to as well. Consider it another accessory.

Add some fruit to a pitcher of water and keep it the fridge. Sometimes drinking plain water can get old, so adding in some frozen peaches or apple slices can give water a touch of flavor that even appeases family members who only drink things flavored with sugar.

Replace soda beverages with sparkling water and a splash of pure organic juice. Not only is this adding to your water intake, but it can also (hopefully) replace a soda addiction.

Also, try getting into coconut water. It’s definitely a different taste than normal water, but still has all the same benefits of keeping you healthy and hydrated. Another option is to replace your coconut milk (or milk) with coconut water in your smoothies. If you take that route, you’ve just increased your water intake without even tasting it!

(Bonus: fruits and veggies also contain water, so a smoothie is a perfect option!)

We’re sure if you just try just a few of these ideas each day, you’ll be well on your way to feeling and looking happier and healthier and wondering how you went all this time without one of the healthiest addictions out there!

Summer is the author of the popular blog Le Musings of Moi, which covers fashion, décor, style, parenting, health, fitness and whatever else interests this mother of two in SoCal. She also writes for Mommalogues and frequently posts videologues to YouTube.


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