10 Easy Ways to Burn Calories Without Even Trying

10 Easy Ways to Burn Calories Without Even Trying

Moms will love these quick and simple ways to burn extra calories on-the-go!

By: Maressa Brown

For most of us, getting to the gym or doing an exercise DVD even for 30 minutes a day can feel like a major accomplishment. But when it doesn’t happen, take heart: You’re most likely boosting your fitness while simply going about your day. Here are 10 ways to burn extra calories without actually working out.

1. Housework: You can easily burn 100 calories by cleaning the house for 26 minutes, doing dishes for 40 minutes, sweeping for 23 minutes, or mopping the floor for 20 minutes.

2. Yard work: Weeding the garden for 18 minutes, mowing the lawn for 20 minutes, or raking leaves for 23 minutes can burn as much as 100 calories.

3. Child care: Carrying your little one around a mall or playing with your kids for less than an hour can burn up to 200 calories.

4. Walking the dog: If you can set aside just 26 minutes to walk your pup around the neighborhood three times a day, you’ll have burned 300 calories -- whoa!

5. Running up the stairs: Taking the stairs at a lightning pace while hanging around the house offers a wow-worthy payoff: 100 calories for just six minutes.

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6. Laughing: Taking a quick break to look at funny videos online or to make your toddler crack up (and LOL’ing in turn) can help you crank up your total calorie burn. After all, laughing for just 10 to 15 minutes equals roughly 50 calories burned.

7. Tapping your feet: Whether you’re naturally a fidgeter or you like to remain still, you might want to consider tapping your feet, pacing, or moving restlessly while sitting. A study published in the journal Science found you can burn up to 350 more calories a day than someone who remains stationary.

8. Eating spicy food: Pass the hot sauce! By increasing your body’s production of heat and boosting the activity of your sympathetic nervous system, you can quickly burn 50 calories.

9. Parking far away: Though it can be tempting to snag the first spot you see closest to the entrance of the mall or grocery store, parking farther away does come with its rewards: Walking briskly for two minutes can burn 11 calories.

10. Pacing while talking on the phone: We may all be texting up a storm these days, but occasionally, you’ll have to jump on the phone, and when you do, jump up. Pacing (or even just standing) while you chat on the phone for 20 minutes could burn up to 99 calories.

Which of these do you do on a regular basis?

Maressa Brown is a senior staff writer for The Stir. She loves writing about and reading up on health/fitness, relationships, and pop culture -- preferably on a beach somewhere.

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