3 Challenging Exercises You Can Do Without Leaving the House

3 Challenging Exercises You Can Do Without Leaving the House

Short on time with a lengthy list of chores? There’s still a way to squeeze in exercise!

By Kelly Bryant

With all of the running around you do during your daily grind, it may feel like you ought to be fit as a fiddle (seriously, who has time to sit down?), but jamming an actual workout into your already packed schedule often feels impossible. Don’t despair -- you’re a multitasker, and there are ways to get toned while fulfilling your other obligations.

For instance, how about getting rock-hard thighs while cleaning up after dinner? Yes, please! Richard Giorla, founder and creator of Cardio Barre, shares three moves you can literally do around the house.

1. The chore: Cooking
Try: Pushups

Angle your body at the counter so the center of your chest is at the counter. Press up on both balls of feet (called releve in the ballet world). Keep your core engaged (abdominals in) and do three sets of 10 pushups. You can modify the number of reps by what you need -- more reps for a greater challenge and greater results!

Great for: toning triceps, back, chest, and shoulders

2. The chore: Washing dishes
Try: Releve

Stand at the sink with your legs and feet apart. Lift your heels as high as they can go and then back to the floor. Stay on the balls of your feet and do not bounce. Gently press up and down. Do 64 reps. (Modify as needed.)

Great for: beautiful calves, feet, and legs

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3. Chore: Cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming, dusting
Try: Arabesque lift

Stop what you’re doing and stand at a counter, sofa, or chair. Position your heels together with your feet turned out. Extend one straight leg behind you with a pointed foot. Lift your leg a few inches up and down with your big toe gently touching the floor. Do 32 reps, then repeat while keeping your foot off the floor and lifting a couple inches higher. Do 32 reps. Switch sides.

Great for: legs, feet, and a firm tush (glutes)

How do you squeeze a workout into your day?

Kelly Bryant is a freelance writer and pop culture junkie. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their two sons. Follow her on Twitter @MsKellyBryant.

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