5 Tips for Staying Active in the Summer Heat

5 Tips for Staying Active in the Summer Heat

Have fun outside even when the temperature rises with these tips.

By: Stacie Haight Connerty

Summer is coming, and that means heat. Summer heat can take a lot out of your body — no matter who you are. If you forget something as simple as water to hydrate your body, you can get nauseous, disorientated and possibly experience even worse side effects. Follow these tips to for staying active in the summer heat — after your physician clears you for physical activity, of course.

1. Dress In Light Colors or Neutrals
Clothes are important when it comes to heat. Dark clothing generally absorbs heat when you are outside for extended periods of time. White clothing — and even neutral colors — reflect the sun’s heat rays, making these items the perfect choice when it comes to attire for outdoor activities. Choose clothes that fit loosely and are made from natural fibers like cotton and linen. There is even clothing that wicks moisture away from your body, making you feel cooler. As always, wear sunscreen any time you will be outdoors, and reapply every few hours as needed.

2. Carry Water and Snacks
Replenishing fluids is key when exposed to excessive heat or even any time you are going to be outside. Consider getting a refillable water bottle and taking it with you wherever you go. Refill it often, and set water goals for yourself based on your body and how much you sweat. Most people forget that snacks can give you much-needed vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, which are important to replace the things your body loses when you sweat. Carry a few light snacks, such as granola bars or some almonds and raisins. Hunger can also cause fatigue, making it harder to make good decisions and to do any outside activities well.


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3. Go Early or Stay Late
If you have an activity that will make you hot and sweaty or expend any energy, try to plan whatever you are doing for early in the day when the sun is out but not yet in full force. For instance, you will find much cooler temperatures between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. If earlier is not an option, consider planning for sometime after 6 p.m., when the sun goes down and the temperature usually follows.

4. Find Water-based Activities
There are many activities perfect for summer and make being out in the heat much more bearable. Jump in the pool (yours, a friend’s, or head to the nearest public facility). Check out the local waterpark where you can slide down waterslides and enjoy the heat. Go boating at a nearby lake. Or, if you are at home, grab the water hose, get the kids changed, hook up a sprinkler and get ready for fun.

5. Stay Indoors or Seek Shade
When temperatures rise too much and the entire day gets to be too hot, seek shade or find fun indoors. Some parks or arboretums feature plenty of shade trees, which create a cooler climate and can extend your time at the park. On days when it’s just too hot, don’t feel guilty about staying in to watch a movie or read a good book. Head to a local arcade, roller rink or go bowling. The possibilities are endless.

When temperatures begin to rise, it is important to realize that, with a little planning, outdoor activities can be both fun and safe.

An Atlanta resident and lifelong writer, Stacie is the mother of three children and married to the love of her life. She carpools, is a Girl Scout leader and a PTA member. She is always planning the next epic travel adventure for her family, but, in the meantime, you can find her at her blog, The Divine Miss Mommy.

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