5 Ways Spring Can Up Your Fitness Game

5 Ways Spring Can Up Your Fitness Game

It’s the season to get out and enjoy better health and increased fitness!

By Lorraine Allen

Spring brings new energy and nicer weather -- two elements that make working out and getting fit easier and more fun for all. If you’ve been looking for a way to up your fitness game, look no further, because this great season is already delivering all you need to get motivated, stay focused, and get in better shape right now. Here, five smart ways you can harness all that renewed energy and all this beautiful, balmy weather to improve your health.

1. Wake up earlier. Now that the sun is rising earlier, it’s much easier to wake up an extra 30-45 minutes before your usual time and squeeze in a quick workout. Plus, getting a little exercise before starting your day can help you focus, increase your energy levels throughout the day, and start you off on a positive, happier, and healthier foot. And, because we all know “the early bird gets the worm,” you’ll enjoy peaceful singing of birds as you stretch, run, walk, or otherwise get fit. How nice is that?

2. Put the evening light to use. If you don’t have time to exercise in the extra morning hours of daylight, don’t worry, because the days are longer on both ends, and taking a walk or jog in the early spring evenings is a treat in itself! The birds are still singing, and the weather is still pleasant -- so get out, get motivated, and go enjoy it!

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3. Take advantage of the terrain. Spring showers bring lots of pretty flowers, and also, the many fun puddles our kids love to splash in. Take a tip from toddlers and use those puddles to push yourself when you’re exercising. Seek out those puddles, and leap over them as many times as you can. If the puddles are too big, use the excuse to explore a new side trail as you skirt around them. Maybe you’ll enjoy a stunning new view or find some extra hills to climb or some logs to balance on and jump over, too.

4. Go play! Looking for an easy way to get off your couch and start exercising? Take another hint from your active kids and use the playground to strength train. Monkey bars are the perfect place to practice pull-ups and chin-ups to increase your upper body strength, while slides are just the right height for a step up to work those legs and glutes before hitting the beach.


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5. Set a realistic goal. Spring is also the time many smaller races and obstacle courses take place. Look around for upcoming 5K races or fundraisers in your area to give yourself an obtainable fitness goal. Even if you have never been into exercise, a 5K is a great first motivator to get healthier right now, and start enjoying more of this beautiful season outside, too!

In what ways does spring help you up your fitness game?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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