7 Reasons Swimming is the Best Activity for You

7 Reasons Swimming is the Best Activity for You

No activity has as many benefits for your health as swimming. Find out why.

Author: Alicia C.

Swimming is the fourth most popular physical activity in the United States, and experts say it's the most complete activity, providing many benefits for mind and body. Are you surprised? The experts claim it should be your first choice in exercise, especially for those who haven't been very active but want to change their lifestyle. Let me tell you a few benefits of this activity:

1. It helps cardiovascular health. Like all physical activity that is practiced with regularity, swimming 3 to 5 times a week will strengthen the heart and lungs, without affecting the joints or bones.

2. You don't have to drown yourself. Experts claim the speed is not as important as the consistency when swimming. So go super slow and you'll still benefit. You should try to maintain your chosen speed.

3. There's not much to think about. If you practice repetitive exercises, for example, swimming laps, you can give your mind a rest from the worries of the day. Professional swimmers say it's like a form of meditation, which is excellent for your health.

4. It keeps you in shape. Have you ever seen a big-bellied swimmer? No, because there aren't any. Swimming hardens your abs, but without causing them stress. That's why they'll feel more tense after swimming, but without the torture of doing sit-ups. The arm muscles are some of your most visible, and they lose tone with age. Swimming will help them maintain their shape without looking too bulky.

5. It's great to do as a family. Since kids love water, swimming is an activity they naturally enjoy. Why not swim as a family? An afternoon at the pool promises hours of fun for everyone.

6. You can do it all year. Outdoor pools or indoor pools can be found everywhere. The best part is that it isn't expensive to gain access, and it can turn into an excellent excuse to make time for you. Besides the monthly pool fee, you'll just need to invest in a swimming cap, goggles, and a one-piece bathing suit. It couldn't be easier!

7. You won't injure your joints. As swimming is a low impact exercise, swimming won't affect your knees, ankles or other joints. Also, according to experts swimming can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other problems that affect women during menopause.


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