Can Social Media Make You Fitter?

Can Social Media Make You Fitter?

Find out how social networking is the next best thing for fitness.

Have a closer look at the posts on social media websites next time you’re online: There, in between the wedding photos of people you haven’t seen since school and the latest viral video clip, you’re likely to see an increasing number of people logging distances they jogged and ran, gym sessions completed, healthy meals cooked and fitness advice exchanged.

While the thought of sitting on your butt behind a computer might not sound like the most obvious way to get fitter and stronger, more and more of us are learning that it might just be. Why? Because your online activity can impact your offline physical activity. Posting on social media keeps you motivated and holds you accountable for the exercise you say you’re going to do. It also gives you a venue filled with an encouraging community of people with similar goals.

Support at Your Fingertips
Some people are taking to some sites to record their total number of steps in a day. Others have started sharing news of the runs they’ve done or tips on lean cuisine. Needless to say, if you need motivation for getting to the next fitness level, social media friends can all help push you toward your goal. Sure, part of it might seem like gloating, but they’re regular people — the large majority out there aren’t exercising to get in shape for an marathon or a triathlon — and since you’re friends, they’re likely to help motivate you as well.

Fitness Advice — for Free!
Personal trainers don’t come cheap, but the ease with which social media connects to pros in the fitness realm gives you access to experts around the world whenever you need advice. Of course, you should always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise regimen!


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How to Make Social Media Work for You

  1. State your goals in public — you’ll be less inclined to skip a gym session once you’ve made a public promise.
  2. Search for people talking about your fitness interests: Type “#” followed by whatever you’re interested in into the search bar (for example, #Pilates) and see what other fans are talking about.
  3. Don’t lie! If you’re not in the mood, post it. Sometimes responses can give you that little nudge to put your running shoes on.
  4. Share your spoils! If you feel great after a five-mile run, you’ll feel even better when friends reach out to congratulate you on your achievement, which fuels you to keep going.

Do you use social media for something more than just connecting with friends? Tell us how in the comments section below!

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