How to Get Amped up About Exercise After a Long Winter

How to Get Amped up About Exercise After a Long Winter

Check out these ways to get amped about getting back into a regular fitness routine.

By: Karen Walrond

I’m going to admit something right up front: I hate exercise. I really do. And whenever I come clean about this dirty little secret of mine, people immediately try to convince me that I’m wrong:

“Oh, no,” they say, “you just haven’t found the right exercise yet!” I’m sorry, Well-Meaning-Person, but you’re incorrect. I’ve tried them all. I don’t like them.

But facts are facts: Exercise is good for you. And when winter starts to fade, all excuses for not working out more regularly fly right out of that newly-open springtime window. So, in the event that you’re an exercise-avoider like me, here are my top five tips for getting amped up for exercise now that spring is springing:

1. Get Lots of Sleep
One of my biggest recurring excuses for not working out in the mornings is that I’m too tired to do it. So to eliminate that excuse, I make an effort to get enough sleep. For me, this means eight hours — seven-and-a-half hours and I’m still too tired, more than eight, and I start to feel sluggish. But eight hours usually means I’m bounding out of bed, ready to go — the perfect time to tie on a pair of running shoes before I change my mind!


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2. Disguise it as Something Else
Often, if I decide that it’s time to exercise, my will to live starts to slowly ebb from my body, and I come up with all kinds of reasons why exercise is a bad idea: I have errands to run or chores to do. So this is when I realize it’s time to disguise my exercise: Is there spring cleaning to do? Crank up the tunes and have a solo dance party while I vacuum. Is it a beautiful day outside? Time to forego the car and ride my bike instead to run errands. Before you know it, I’ve completed all my tasks and I’ve had a great workout. Score.

3. Start Eating Healthy and Learn to Cook New Foods
By spring, even I start to get tired of the heavy comfort foods, craving instead lots of vegetables and lighter fare. It’s also the time when I feel like pulling out new recipes, trying different, summery meals. The happy result is that the better I eat, the more I feel like moving — so let your foods inspire your exercise.

4. Plan a Trip
There is no great motivator to get in shape like a vacation, particularly one where I know I’m going to be active (or worse, in a swimsuit). So if I really need the push to get moving, I plan a vacation for six months down the line –— scuba diving or hiking often feature big in my plans. And then, to be sure that I have the stamina to have a great time when that holiday finally approaches, it’s time to start working out regularly. And dreams of sandy beaches or mountain vistas are often all the inspiration I need.

5. When All Else Fails, Call a Friend
Let’s face it, sometimes misery loves company, so consider finding a friend with similar fitness goals so you can share the burden. It can be a lot harder to flake on the day’s exercise when you know you’re friend is waiting for you at the hike-and-bike trail.

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