Music as Motivation: Get Our New Year’s Resolution Playlist

Music as Motivation: Get Our New Year’s Resolution Playlist

Resolutions can be hard to keep, but we’re here with the motivation to keep you moving!

Let’s get real about New Year’s resolutions por un minuto – they’re so hard to keep! You start out in January with the best of intentions, but if you’re like 80 percent of people, by Valentine’s Day you’re back to the same old habits.

But chica, we believe in you! If you’ve made una resolución to be healthier this year, you’ve probably set goals to eat a little better and work out a little more. And the best way to keep that resolution is to find tools to keep you motivated!

To help you stay on track, we paired up with Latin Grammy nominee Raquel Sofía to create a collaborative Spotify playlist that will help get your heart pumping and keep you in the zone for a whole workout. We started with a few of our favorites, but we want to see what songs keep members of our Orgullosa community motivated.

So give it a listen and a follow to add it to your playlists, and then get in there and add your own songs to the mix!

And if you need extra motivation, check out this quick infographic of easy ways you can sneak in a workout, no matter how much time you have on hand. Remember that every little bit counts – even a few extra minutes of movement each day can add up.

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