What Your Favorite Workout Says About You

What Your Favorite Workout Says About You

The type of exercise you choose can reflect your personality. Is it true for you?

By: Maressa Brown

We often pick our fitness routine based not only on what’s going to get you the most return on your investment of time (or money, if you’re paying for a gym membership or yoga class!), but what fits into our schedules. Then again, the way we choose to get our sweat on likely reflects not just our calendar but our personalities, too. Here, what your favorite workout says about you.

1. Yoga: Most of us think yoga doesn’t burn any calories and isn’t really a legitimate workout, but those who get their downward dog on regularly know better! A Vinyasa flow gets your heart rate up while allowing you to stretch and soothe nerves. For that reason, being a self-professed yoga lover means you’re a multi-tasker who prefers a holistic approach when it comes to bolstering your vitality. Admit it, though: You’re a bit crunchy. But you’re also better off for checking labels on your food and reaching for elderberry and vitamin C when your immunity needs a boost!

2. Running: If your fitness regimen of choice involves speed, wearing out one pair of sneakers after the next, and gearing up for a 5K, you certainly have a competitive streak. You don’t mind speaking your mind, and friends and family would likely describe you as opinionated and outgoing, if not downright fiery. Nothing wrong with that, runner – you’re going places!

3. Zumba: This trendy aerobic dance workout has taken the country by storm in the last few years, and if you’re on the bandwagon, too, you’re likely fun-loving, joyful and open-minded. You clearly believe that that it’s possible to check an important “to-do” off of your list without stress and aggravation; in fact, it can be a blast. You definitely live by the expression “attitude is everything,” and yours is sunny and bright. No wonder you’re the life of the party – in and out of the gym!

4. Spinning: If you’re a fan of getting your indoor cycle on, likely along with loud music and a gruff instructor, you may also be a big fan of rules, order, and organization. (Think Monica Gellar from Friends.) Speaking of friends, yours may turn to you for the truth, which you can be depended on to deliver. No beating around the bush. That said, you’re willing to push yourself hard, always challenge yourself, and go for the gold in all that you do!

5. Swimming: Going with the flow is obviously your M.O. if you’re most interested in burning calories underwater. Being flexible is one of your greatest strengths, as is being loyal and compassionate with those you love. Being especially comfortable in water – which in many cultures symbolizes love and emotion – may mean you’re uniquely in tune with your own feelings. Embracing that will serve you well.

6. Treadmill or good old-fashioned walking: If taking your dog around the block, jumping on the treadmill, or taking a long walk in the park on a Sunday suits you best, you may be something of a traditionalist. Opting for a classic low-impact workout clearly means you’re pragmatic, down-to-earth, and dependable to boot. What’s more, consistency is your forte, which will most definitely earn you success in the long-haul (even if you’re only trekking about for a mile or less at a time!).


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Which workout is your favorite?

Maressa Brown is a senior staff writer for The Stir. She loves writing about and reading up on health/fitness, relationships, and pop culture – preferably on a beach somewhere.

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