2 Delicious Summer Spices

2 Delicious Summer Spices

Incorporate these 2 cooling herbs into your recipes this summer to beat the heat.

By: mom.me Staff

The summer heat can be sweltering, leaving you uncomfortable and often times irritated. Eating hot foods, such as soups, may be less than desirable. There are however, a variety of spices that are cooling. Incorporating summertime spices into a dish may not only be tasty, but these spices may give the body some relief from the heat.

There are more than 150 varieties of basil, and the easy-to-grow herb can be incorporated into meals for its cooling and flavorful effects, according to the Santa Barbara Independent. Some basil plants have a lemon flavor, and others have a hint of licorice or anise flavor. Basil can be grown at home, or it can be purchased at a local plant nursery. Basil leaves or dried basil can be found on the spice rack at a grocery store or food market.

Mint can remedy bad breath, and it can also serve as a cooling spice, especially in the dog days of summer, according to the Global Healing Center, an online natural health and organic living guide. Adding mint to a salad or beverage, such as tea or lemonade, can add that extra cooling effect to your taste buds. Mint can be easily grown at home in an herb garden, or it can be purchased at your local grocery store.


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