5 Easy, Yummy Yogurt Desserts

5 Easy, Yummy Yogurt Desserts

The creamy possibilities are endless with these 5 yogurt-based dessert recipes.

By: Ellen Neuborne

Wholesome Greek yogurt packs a creamy, protein punch at breakfast, lunch or snack time. But don’t stop there! With a little imagination, yogurt can make a great-for-you treat for dessert, too.

1. Key Lime Pie
Cool and tangy Key lime is a perfect yogurt flavor for a dessert. Fill a graham cracker crust with a blend of two 8-ounce Key lime yogurts and 8 ounces of softened cream cheese. Then serve yourself a little slice of perfection.

2. Sugar-Free Raspberry Dream
Here’s a two-ingredient, low-calorie winner. Fold a large carton of plain Greek yogurt into liquid, sugar-free raspberry gelatin. Refrigerate, grab a spoon and you’re set!


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3. Fruit and Frozen Yogurt Cone
Feel an ice cream craving coming on? Try this better-for-you option instead. Combine chopped fresh fruit with a bit of sugar and 1 cup of your favorite frozen yogurt. Scoop into waffle cones (their generous size will hold the yogurt and fruit nicely). Fruity, crunchy and fun!

4. Frozen Yogurt Pop
Cut 1 cup of your favorite fruit into chunks. Combine with plain yogurt and then pulse in a blender until smooth. Spoon your yogurt/fruit mixture into ice pop molds and freeze. In a few hours, you’ll have a fantastic yogurt dessert to go!

5. Frozen Yogurt Covered Strawberries
Here’s one to impress company. This idea is especially delicious with the thicker Greek yogurt. Start with a container of ripe strawberries (you can slice them in half if they’re large – your choice). Dip each one in vanilla Greek yogurt. Place your yogurt-covered berries in a plastic container lined with parchment paper and freeze. When your guests arrive, set your yogurt-dipped berries out for a cool, refreshing treat.

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