Iced Tea Delight Recipe

Iced Tea Delight Recipe

This popular, easy-to-make iced tea recipe is now healthier.

Mix this flavorful delight with Metamucil powders for a refreshing way to sneak more fiber into your diet.

1 cup cold brewed or instant tea
1 rounded teaspoon Metamucil Original Coarse Powder
Crushed or cubed ice

Mix Metamucil with iced tea, and stir or shake thoroughly. Serve with plenty of ice cubes, and add sugar, lemon, or mint leaves to taste. If you prefer an orange twist, try preparing iced tea using 1 rounded tablespoon of Metamucil Orange Smooth or 1 rounded teaspoon of Metamucil Sugar Free Orange Smooth Powder

Nutrition Facts at a glance: 3g Fiber


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