Start the New Year with Clean Eating

Start the New Year with Clean Eating

Start your new year right with these quick and easy ways to eat healthier.

January is the season for fresh starts, including in the kitchen. This is the best time of year to wipe the slate clean, right the ship and get back to healthier eating habits. It can be tough to do this immediately after the holiday season, but sometimes all it takes is a little willpower and some simple resolutions tacked to your fridge. Here are the tips I live by to get my new year off to a clean-eating start.

The dry air of January can be very dehydrating, so I focus on drinking lots of water throughout the day and evening. To change it up a little I infuse water with fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. Some sliced cucumbers and a sprig of rosemary lends water delicious flavor.

Stock up
Stock your fridge with the good stuff to deter you from the bad stuff. Lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and water should always be within your reach. Being able to easily access the healthy foods is a great way to keep your focus!

Know Your Weakness
I know that 4 p.m. is snack-attack time for me, so I strategize to have a few healthy things on hand. I also make sure I am NOT in the kitchen at this time. This keeps me from grazing mindlessly on salty treats. If you know your weakness, you can make a plan around it.


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Cook at Home
Days get long and difficult in January, but stick to your resolve to cook at home. This will help you steer clear of unhealthy takeout and keep you on track with your clean eating goals!

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