Dealing With Your Dentures In Your 50s and Beyond

Dealing With Your Dentures In Your 50s and Beyond

Wearing dentures is more common – and easier – than you probably think. Here’s how to deal with every aspect of wearing dentures in your middle years…

Tooth loss can happen at any time as gum disease can sneak up on us, and it’s completely normal as you move past your 40s. In fact, research shows more than half of us over age 45 are missing one or more of our teeth. Surprised? Well, you probably never knew that statistic because dentures are so discreet, and high-tech dental adhesives mean you never need worry about your teeth causing problems mid-conversation.

Learning to love dentures

The only hard thing about wearing dentures is the psychological aspect. So let’s nip this in the bud right now: no, you are not officially ‘old’. Think of your new dentures as your passport to freedom from endless tooth problems, painful extractions and difficult dental appointments. That’s certainly something to smile about.

Wearing dentures

Applying your dentures every morning is a cinch – nothing like trying to apply false eyelashes, or even drawing the perfect cat’s-eye flick. Find a denture adhesive with a thinner nozzle, so you can apply exactly the amount you need. Eliminate the risk of having a mouthful of cream, or of any teeth wiggling their way out.


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How to clean dentures

It couldn’t be simpler. Brush them at night with a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove food and prevent plaque build-up. Store them in plain water or a denture cleanser overnight, then brush and floss your natural teeth normally in the morning before you pop your falsies back in. If you have partial dentures, you’ll be glad to know that applying adhesive can support the health of your natural teeth, meaning you keep those pearly whites stronger and looking younger for longer.

Eating with dentures

If you’re anticipating a lifetime of only eating soft food, stop right there. You can do everything with dentures that you can do normally, which includes biting into a crusty baguette fresh from the oven and crunching the golden top of a delicious crème brûlée. Unless we get there first, that is, in which case you’ll have to fight us for a bite.

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