Sticky, Tacky, Bristle, Brush: Creative Solutions for Messy Mornings

Sticky, Tacky, Bristle, Brush: Creative Solutions for Messy Mornings

Keep sticky situations under control with a tooth brushing system for the whole family.

If you’re like most families, getting the kids to brush their teeth can be quite a task each morning and evening (especially if they’re brushing well). Most of us have resorted to all sorts of interesting tactics to get the job done: singing the ABCs, using a timer or even trying out different toothbrushes.

And let’s face it: Brushing teeth is messy stuff. The gooey toothpaste gets stuck to counters, faces, clothes and hands. If we don’t have a system that works, those blurry-eyed mornings result in toothpaste on bathroom counters (and sinks) more than we’d like to admit.

Enter toothbrush organization system. When the seemingly simple chore gets too sticky, a system that’s organized will help us streamline those messy mornings. And organization can go a long way.

Creative Solutions for Your Family

1. Toothy Toolbox
Repurpose an old silverware tray into a toothbrush sorting station. Assign each member of the family a section, and let them store their brushes and floss in their slot. Wash the toolbox about once a week.

2. Dental Drawer Mat
If you do prefer to keep brushes, paste and floss handy but out of sight in a vanity drawer, you know what a sticky mess that creates. Make a dental "mess mat" to line the drawer! Remove it once a week or so and wipe it down.

Tooth-related pictures, stickers or cutouts
Decorative details like glitter glue, markers or crayons
Construction paper
Plastic laminate contact paper



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  1. Arrange pictures/cutouts/stickers on construction paper and glue in place
  2. Accent with markers or glitter glue; your child can also write their name
  3. When dry, cut two pieces of laminate slightly larger than the construction paper
  4. Lay paper on one piece and place the other sheet of laminate on top
  5. Smooth out bubbles and trim excess laminate

3. Customized Toothbrush Holders

Personalize each family member’s tooth-brushing station by creating personalized holders that match their personality.

Brushing Tips for Kids

  • Baby teeth should be cleaned as soon as they appear; you can use a clean, dampened cloth or piece of gauze
  • Children can start using toothpaste as soon as they are old enough to not swallow it. Use a pea-sized dab on a soft-bristled brush with rounded ends
  • A fun toothbrush designed especially for little hands and toothpaste in a kid-pleasing flavor can inspire better brushing
  • The recommended time for thorough brushing is three minutes. To make the time pass, choose a favorite song about that length and play it while brushing

Tip: Whenever possible, do your own brushing and flossing with your kids to model good dental care. It will rub off!

What do you do to keep your bathroom organized for your family? Share your tips in the comments below!

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