Don’t Let Sensitive Teeth Ruin Your Favorite Summer Snacks

Chilled melon slices, frozen drinks, ice cream – enjoy your favorite foods without pain.

From chilled drinks to ice cream sundaes, summer is the season to indulge – unless you have tooth sensitivity. Because summer is too short to let sensitive teeth rule your life, we’ve come up with the smartest remedies for addressing this problem so you can get back to enjoying cold and sweet snacks.

1. Upgrade Your Brush
Consider your toothbrush as well as how hard you’re brushing. While you should maintain a twice-a-day brushing schedule, overzealous brushing coupled with a bristle that’s too hard can aggravate sensitive teeth. Try switching to a softer brush and being a little gentler.

Also remember to change your brush every two to three months. An electric toothbrush is more efficient at cleaning teeth, and you can easily swap in a replacement brush as needed. Find the one that suits you here.

2. Check Your Toothpaste
Sensitivity can have various causes, but in most cases a tooth’s outer layer of enamel has worn away, exposing the dentin. If you’re a fan of whitening toothpastes, note that they can sometimes aggravate the issue. If you’re reluctant to stop using them altogether, Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy Sensitive Care is the perfect solution. It effectively whitens by removing surface stains, and also brightens and remineralizes teeth.

3. Skip the Fizz
Drinking carbonated beverages can speed up the wearing-away of tooth enamel. If the thought of spending the summer barbecue season without your favorite fizzy drink is too much to bear, use a straw – that way, the liquid won’t make contact with your teeth.

4. Don’t Brush Immediately After Eating
Or at least not after eating acidic food or drink, such as fruit and soda. The acid can soften enamel and make teeth even more sensitive, so brush just before bedtime instead.

5. Consider a Mouth Guard
Whether or not we realize it, many of us grind or clench our teeth at night. This leaves teeth feeling sore and sensitive – which is definitely not ideal for eating cold, sweet foods! If you suspect that you are grinding or clenching, purchase a mouth guard from your local drugstore, or talk to your dentist to order a custom-fit one.

6. Change Up Your Tooth Care Regimen
Fluoride gels, rinses, mouthwashes or strips specifically created for sensitive teeth can help alleviate the twinges you feel by strengthening enamel and reducing pain. Crest Sensi-Stop Strips provide immediate, targeted relief to sensitive areas for up to 30 days.

Still experiencing sensitivity? Book a dentist appointment ASAP. You might have a crack in a tooth, excess plaque or even receding gums, all of which can cause discomfort or pain.

Be sure to visit Oral B and Crest for more information on caring for sensitive teeth.


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