5 Tips To Change Your Attitude Today

5 Tips To Change Your Attitude Today

Try some of these tips for a quick pick-me-up the next time you’re feeling down.

By: Robyn Welling

Let's face it: Some days, it's just not that easy to put on a happy face and be positive. We get caught up in the stress of deadlines, dinner menus and managing the busy schedules of everyone in a bustling household. Before you know it, even the best among us are feeling grouchy.

But a negative attitude affects everyone around you, making them grumpier — and more likely to snap at you — leading to a self-perpetuating bad mood cycle. Before you know it, the glass half-empty mentality can become a habitual way of thinking. Plus, stress can be just plain unhealthy, sap your energy and productivity.

Anyone who's already in a funk will tell you that “just cheering up” is easier said than done. However, with a few simple changes and a little bit of effort, you can improve your attitude, whether you’re in a crummy mood today or if you suddenly notice that you've been feeling negative more often than not lately.

1. Laugh
This one might seem painfully obvious, but just like an aerobics instructor keeps reminding the class to breathe, people who are feeling negative often forget how much they need to laugh. No matter how — watching a silly movie, reading your favorite humor blog, a call to a funny friend — take a few minutes to enjoy a good laugh.

2. Find Balance
How many of you are over-extended? If you couldn't raise your hand because your arms are full of craft projects for a fundraiser, thank-you notes you need to write, two bags of groceries and 17 yards of fabric you plan to turn into costumes for the school play, it might be time to reevaluate your priorities.

Although there's a strong pull to help whenever someone says they need us, it's OK to say “no.” For things you just can't cross off your to-do list, see if you can delegate them. When you can devote attention to the things that really matter without the distraction of a thousand things that don't, you'll be much more relaxed and happier with the results overall.


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3. Name it, Neutralize it and Let it Go
Look back over your day and try to figure out if there was a specific trigger to your negative attitude. Was it something out of your control, like another driver cutting you off in traffic? A small event can have a big impact on your mood without you even realizing it, and often just naming what put you on the path to a bad mood makes you feel better.

Dealing with the trigger can alleviate the stress and helps prevent the same thing from setting you off again later. Finally, whether it’s something you can neutralize or something that’s completely out of your control, take a deep breath and just let it go.

4. Give Thanks
When you’re feeling pessimistic, spend a few minutes thinking about the things for which you’re grateful. Nothing counteracts a negative attitude like consciously acknowledging all the things you have to be happy about.

5. Cheer Yourself Up With a Cheer
OK, some people might say positive affirmations are a little cheesy, but there’s a trick to making them work. When you repeat a positive phrase or leave yourself notes around the house to boost your mood, they should be hopeful — but realistic. Use words and phrases based on qualities that are true about you in your best moments, making you focus on positive aspects of yourself that you want to make even better.

It should be noted that severe, long-term issues with mood, such as extreme anxiety or depression, can be serious and should be addressed with your doctor, but the next time you’re feeling down in the dumps and want to turn your negative attitude around, try a combination of these techniques to get back to your usual glass-half-full self!

Robyn is a freelance writer and humorist at Hollow Tree Ventures, a mother to five, and accidentally become a cleaning and crafts expert over the years. She loves to blog about her crafts and home decor projects, parenthood, life with her funny husband, and the humor of everyday life in Michigan.

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Thanks for having this article available today! It was meant to be that I saw it when I did because I feel so much better after reading it and I Really, Really, Really needed to stumble onto this one when I did! (talk about a prior grouchola, lol)

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I especially like the tip on being thankful. That always helps us to feel better because things could always be worse! I love to go into my prayer closet when I am feeling down and feel the presence of God. It reminds me that He is always there to lift me up and things aren't really all that bad ;-)

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Thankyou P@G!!! I need all the advice I can get. Sometimes it's almost impossible to think positive with all my responsibilities!

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