6 Ways to Keep the Holidays Simple

6 Ways to Keep the Holidays Simple

When the holidays are hectic, take a step back and relax with these 6 simple tips.

1. Set a Limit on Gifts.
Believe it or not, no one will be with you on Christmas morning to make sure you bought your kid everything from the store. In fact, your kid will be better off with fewer things. At my house, we stick to three main gifts: something to wear, something to read and something to play with. It makes gift-giving sweet and simple.

2. Learn to Say no.
If you say, "yes" to every invitation, you will be Secret-Santa-ing and white-elephant-ing and Christmas-cookie-exchanging all month long. If you want a slower, more laid back holiday season, you've got to say no. Pick your favorite events to attend and skip the rest.

3. Practice Quiet Time Every Day.
This season is busier than all of the rest, so make sure you set some time aside for peace and quiet. If you just want to lay your head on your pillow and listen to 10 minutes of soothing music, go for it. Quiet time is essential for our physical and spiritual selves.

4. Give Thanks.
This time of year, we are bombarded with sales and things we have to have. And while it might seem like the season to be greedy, it's actually just the opposite. Start a ritual of giving thanks for the things that you have been given.

5. Spread Love.
If you really want to have a meaningful Christmas, do things that make a difference. Adopt a family, donate to the food bank, support a winter clothing drive or pay for the person behind you when you're in line for a coffee. This world needs more people to give love on a daily basis.


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6. Spend Time with the Ones You Love the Most.
Slow down and really enjoy a night with your family. Don't feel pressure to share everything on social media. Let go of your expectations so that you can enjoy the moment for what it really is.

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