9 Mom-Tested Tricks for Letting Go of Life’s Frustrations

9 Mom-Tested Tricks for Letting Go of Life’s Frustrations

From headstands to hiding in the bathroom, these moms have this DOWN!

By Lorraine Allen

“Let it go.” We all know the expression well. But for parents, just like for kids, it can be really hard to let something go. It’s tough to let go of a BIG thing that you’re struggling with, but it can be equally challenging to let a tiny, insignificant thing rest. Because those little things can add up. Or they can catch you on a very bad day. Or they can reoccur and reoccur. Like laundry, or clothes on the floor. Or your mother-in-law.

But if we have effective systems in place to help us look past and get over hurdles and frustrations quickly, we’ll all be less stressed, feel much more calm, and enjoy the self-control and happiness we feel. So to help arm us with coping strategies for the countless (and sometimes endless) frustrations of parenthood, here, nine moms share their own tried-and-true tricks.

1. “I crank up some dance music, or funk, really loud in my car (or my house) and just dance or drive, and sing out loud. It might sound silly, but it always works for me!” -- Caroline S., mom of two

2. “I go for a run. Sometimes that means just throwing my kid in the jogging stroller, and literally running out the door with him screaming and my regular clothes and shoes on. But even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes, and even if the weather’s awful, it helps me refocus my whole body and mind, instantly. It really does.” -- Susan R., mom of two

3. “I lock myself in the bathroom to get a break and think things through. I take a few deep breaths and count my blessings. It helps me not fly over the edge or say something I’ll regret, even though it sounds like a weird thing to do. I have no place else to get some immediate privacy, but the bathroom is fine. I’ll take it!” -- Ann F., mom of five

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4. “I lie down, and sometimes I’ll listen to music or let myself cry it out. Taking a few minutes to relax my body always helps me relax my mind and let go of whatever big or small thing is really getting me down.” -- Sasha F., mom of two

5. “I do a headstand! My mom was a yoga teacher, and she always taught us that standing on your head is great way to flip your perspective upside down. It’s fun, and it requires intense focus and all your energy, so it makes you forget everything else. My kid does it too now!” -- Blossom D., mom of one


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6. “I take a walk – either alone, or with a friend or my kid, or dog. It doesn’t matter. Just walking and getting fresh air clears my head. Even if the thing is still bothering me when I get back, I always feel so much better, like I have gotten actual physical distance from whatever it is that was driving me crazy.” -- Mia K., mom of one

7. “I’ll watch TV. That usually helps. Never something too dramatic because that will stress me out and make me more anxious about things. Something funny, or even old. I find it transports me, somehow, and changes my thoughts!” -- Giada P., mom of two

8. “I meditate. I took it up a few years ago when my parents were both sick, and caring for them and my babies was completely overwhelming. It really works. You only need a few minutes to feel a real, deep change. It can help you let go of anything and find that place inside you that is always calm. It’s an incredible feeling. Anyone can do it, too. It’s so simple.” -- Meg A., mom of three

9. “I talk to my best friend or my sisters. They always have a way of making me feel better about things and reminding me what really matters.” -- Alexis M., mom of two

How do you let any sort of irritation go?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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