Best Stress-Free Ways to Organize Your Holiday Tasks

Best Stress-Free Ways to Organize Your Holiday Tasks

Manage the endless holiday to-do list and preserve the spirit of the season.

Let’s break down this season: holiday cards, tree trimming, house decorations, cookies, holiday parties, gift shopping, wrapping presents, shipping presents, visiting family and friends and preparing a big feast. All this and more — in addition to regular life responsibilities. With all the festivities around the holiday season, it’s a wonder we can get it all done. Plus, the holiday season brings the shortest days of the year.

We all dream of a home filled with twinkling lights, fresh-smelling garlands and wreaths, and poinsettias. How can we pull it off and still find time to appreciate the festivities, see the glee on our children’s faces, catch up with relatives and catch a kiss under the mistletoe? By prioritizing and organizing.

Easier said than done.

One solution is to divide and conqueror all the things you need to do with the help and aid from others.

Holiday Cards
Billions of cards are mailed every season despite having the recipient’s email address. Farm out the duty of addressing them and reserve your energy for selecting the perfect card or writing an amusing letter for people on your list. The alternative may be to send e-cards to some, but it takes time to hunt for the right one.


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Gift Shopping
Need a last-minute present for someone who’s coming to town? There’s always a deal online! Hit the Web to find the perfect gift. The best part is that you can get the gift shipped straight to you. Most online retailers have sales for the holidays, so you shouldn’t be searching for long.

Gift Wrapping
Wrapping presents may be the easiest part of gift giving, but the time adds up. Let somebody else tackle the task. Store departments and specialty services will creatively turn your box into a beautiful package — they’re usually equipped with a huge selection of ribbons and paper. Since they’re wrapping, you’re free to run another errand or pick up food items for the grand holiday dinner. You can also throw a wrapping party and catch up with girlfriends while sharing trimmings. It will make the hours fly by.

Share the Load
Turn tasks into parties so you have more fun! From cookie baking to tree trimming, your child can create an ornament every year for the tree and their grandparents’ tree, too. Soon the trees will be filled with sweet memories. Ask dinner guests to bring a special dish they love to make or a cake from a family recipe. That way, you can focus on the main course and — best of all — enjoy the season.

While it may be difficult to hand the reins of certain tasks to others, just remember: A lot of people are just looking for ways to help you out. If you don’t let on that you’re in need of it, they won’t know!

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