Finding Time for Yourself as a New Mom

Finding Time for Yourself as a New Mom

It might go against your instincts, but sometimes you need to take care of yourself first.

By: Paula Carvajal

Take Some Time Back
As a new mom, you are just learning about the endless demands on your time. The care of your new baby is a 24/7 job and you give willingly – but it can be exhausting. Carving out time for yourself, though, is not a luxury. Decide what's important to you, accept that you should delegate some responsibilities and make this important time of your life beneficial to all. Mom expert, strategy coach and author Mia Redrick shows you how.

What Is ‘Having It All’?
A good place to start is to give a quick thought to what is important to you. "I find a lot of moms can’t identify what ‘all’ is," says Redrick, author of "Time for Mom-Me: 365 Daily Strategies for a Mother's Self-Care."

"If you were going to have a minute for yourself, what would you love to do? A lot of moms don’t take care of themselves because they can’t answer that question." Don't overthink it. Just 30 minutes to an hour on the couch to watch your favorite TV show when your husband comes home can go a long way.

Make Your List
Now that you're comfortable with the idea of some "me time," get it down on paper. What are your hobbies? What exercises do you like? What’s your ideal way to relax? While the baby is down for a nap, take that time to learn more about you. Go back and ask yourself what you liked or were good at during earlier periods in your life. "Sometimes you forget that you liked to paint and that the easel and brushes are in the garage," Redrick says.


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Babysitters Are Helpful
It's natural for moms to want to spend every moment with their infant, but a little time away – even if it is just in another room – is good for both of you. You can start with a babysitter for an hour, so you can do yoga exercises in the living room. This way, you are close, but also have uninterrupted time for yourself. Next step would be hiring a babysitter for the afternoon so you can get a massage.

Outsource Chores
Instead of spending hours doing laundry and folding clothes, send your laundry to the local fluff-n-fold. Outsource the housework that takes up too much time, Redrick says. Many supermarkets deliver, so order your groceries online. And, of course, don't overlook having a meal or two delivered.

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