4 Tips for Living Stress Free

4 Tips for Living Stress Free

Feeling exhausted? Discover four precious tips for living stress free!

There are moments in life that, for one reason or another, make us terribly anxious, worried and impatient. Stress knocks on our door and we end up losing the ability to make our best decisions.

If that sounds like it happens more often than not — or even if you’re just looking for new ways to relieve stress — read these tips on how to reduce the stress in your life.

1. Not Everything Is Perfect
We often create expectations that do not match reality, and we end up having difficulty accepting this fact. Don’t question why things can’t be perfect, but instead face setbacks and learn to think and act differently because of them.

2. Avoid the Superficial
We should be more concerned with what really matters: our family, our friends and our wellbeing.

Avoid wasting precious time with mundane things and pointless confrontations. Look for the positive side of situations and even of people. In other words, be happy!


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If possible, help those who need it most. Participating in volunteer activities can make you feel useful and notice there are problems more serious than yours, which can teach you to count your blessings.

3. Discipline
It’s important that your family life has a well-distributed set of schedules and chores. If, even at home, every little thing falls onto you, it’s a recipe for exhaustion.

Keeping your family members in the loop and making sure they complete their duties is the only way you can reduce moments of stress at home. Plus, it reinforces the notion of responsibility in your kids’ minds and gives you some more time to actually unwind.

4. Relax!
If you cannot schedule a massage now, take advantage of your lunchtime and take a relaxing walk, go window-shopping or maybe just sit on a bench at a park. Phone a friend and chat.

Read a book or listen to music on the way to work or home. Do anything that gives you a moment of personal peace. What matters is to detach yourself a little from everything around you, leaving you more relaxed and ready to face your daily challenges more naturally — and stress free!

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